Welcome UPMC, AS122!

UPMC, based in Pittsburgh, is a global not-for-profit health enterprise that has 87,000 employees, 40 hospitals with more than 8,000 licensed beds, 700 clinical locations including outpatient sites and doctors’ offices, a 3.4 million-member health insurance division, as well as commercial and international ventures.

The hospitals of UPMC provide a large portion of the medical care in Pittsburgh, as well as being one of the top employers in the region. They have joined the exchange to offload work-from-home traffic to our ISP network peering as well as quick routes to the Pittsburgh companies and educational/research networks. As the COVID-19 situation has shifted office-work from corporate buildings to home networks, local connectivity on exchanges like PIT-IX allows for both dedicated connectivity and lower burdens on existing Internet transit links.

If you’re on one of our ISP peer networks, you’ll already see that your trace route to UPMC.edu never leaves Pittsburgh. Everything stays local ensuring high speeds, low latency, and increased reliability.

UPMC connects to PIT-IX via a 10Gbps uplink and peers with the route servers.

UPMC has donated the 10Gbps optic to us to replenish our inventory from the install.

For more information about UPMC, please visit UPMC.edu.

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