Pittsburgh Internet Exchange

Established in early 2017 as a not-for-profit organization, PIT-IX (Pittsburgh Internet Exchange) is a neutral and independent Internet Exchange based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Peering at PIT-IX enables connected organizations to offer stable, fast, and cost-effective Internet services to their end-users and customers. The exchange allows Pittsburgh sources and destinations to communicate directly within the region, rather than traveling long distances to needlessly bounce through another city.

Local Companies
Our participants are some of the most critical Internet companies in the Pittsburgh Region.
Member Run
PIT-IX is a wholly member run organization and supported by the members.
Local Users

Service providers that connect to PIT-IX enable fast, low-latency, and higher reliability for traffic to local users.

PIT-IX is a non-profit IRS 501(c)(6) organization. It exists only for the betterment of the Pittsburgh Internet ecosystem.
Local Peering

PIT-IX provides Pittsburgh’s Internet traffic a way to route locally within the region.


Access PIT-IX at any of the member data centers. PIT-IX welcomes additional data centers and partner IXs.

Exchange Traffic