Connecting to PIT-IX

Currently, PIT-IX works on a member donation and cost recovery basis. There are no one-time or yearly/monthly fees associated with connecting to the exchange.

The joining member will be responsible for getting a connection and cross-connect to PIT-IX or should speak with PIT-IX about all-inclusive assistance. Data centers that house PIT-IX peering points are also willing to assist in connecting members.

Q: What are the requirements of joining PIT-IX?

A: Pittsburgh Internet Exchange is very open to members. Any organization that wishes to join will not be denied. That said, there are some technical requirements that the organization must meet to be about to function on the exchange.

  1. Your organization must have an AS number for BGP routing. Typically this is provided by ARIN if you are based in North America.

  2. Your are required to have an Internet transit link from a ISP – this is because PIT-IX is not a connection to the entire Internet (a “default route”), but instead an interconnection between PIT-IX members.

  3. You must connect to the exchange using only a BGP capable router, and register that router’s MAC address with the PIT-IX operations team so it may be allowed to connect.

Q: What connection types and speeds are available?

A: You can connect via single-mode fiber. Available speeds are 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, and port-channel multiples of each. LACP is supported.

The exchange only connects with Single-Mode LR SFP+ optics (other than a few exceptions). It’s highly appreciated if the connecting member can provide the optics. PIT-IX recommends optic and fiber supplies from PIT-IX will typically connect to Arista Switches at core peering locations.

Q: Does PIT-IX offer route servers for BGP peering?

A: Yes! Although not mandatory, PIT-IX provides and highly recommends all members connect to the redundant route servers. This allows a simple configuration for all members to quickly connect to every open-peering member of the exchange.

  • PIT-IX’s route servers are highly secure and offer a safe method of peering with exchange members. Member route announcements are checked and filtered by the route servers to be valid, legitimate, and block unexpected route leaks.

  • PIT-IX route servers run Arouteserver for automatically updating member routes and filters. Arouteserver’s developer Pier Carlo Chiodi was directly involved in ensuring the setup and operation is done to best-practices.

Q: What is the organizational structure of PIT-IX?

A: Pittsburgh Internet Exchange is a Pennsylvania State nonprofit corporation. Our articles of incorporation, bylaws, and minutes of official meetings are available on our documents page. PIT-IX is an IRS 501(c)(6) income tax exempt organization.

Service Locations

The following locations are currently available for PIT-IX connections.
TeraSwitch - 1016 North Lincoln

  • Arista Switching
  • Cross-Connects Available
  • Colocation Available
  • On-net with many existing fiber providers.

Pittsburgh Tech Center

  • Cross-Connects Available
  • On-net with many existing fiber providers.

DataBank - Nova Place Pittsburgh

  • Arista IXP Hardware
  • Cross-Connects Available
  • Colocation Available
  • On-net with many existing fiber providers.

Crown Castle Pittsburgh

  • Cross-Connects Available
  • On-net with many existing fiber providers.