Sponsoring Organizations

PIT-IX thanks it's premier sponsors who who donate financially, technical knowledge, and their time as support for the exchange.
TeraSwitch, Inc.

  • Project Founders
  • Hardware Donations
  • Legal Counsel and Engineering Support

3ROX / Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

  • Donation of redundant DC power and space within Crown Castle Pittsburgh
  • Provides the cross-connects for the Crown Castle Pittsburgh exchange extension.


  • Provides the rack and power at DataBank’s PIT1, the core location for PIT-IX.
  • Future rack at DataBank PIT2 datacenter.

Individual Contributors

PIT-IX is grateful for the time and expertise donated by the people who make the project possible.
Brendan Mannella

  • Founding Member
  • TeraSwitch, Inc.

Justin Goetz

  • TeraSwitch, Inc.

Nick Zurku

  • Founding Member
  • TeraSwitch, Inc.