Welcome CityNet, AS6536!

CityNet is a regional ISP and IT services provider serving areas even more southwest than southwestern PA. Starting in 1994, CityNet has grown and expanded not only footprint but also business lines. Most recently they began offering IPTV services and gigabit broadband in both Bridgeport and Philippi, West Virginia.

CityNet hosts a local Ookla speedtest.net server, which PIT-IX members can reach across the exchange: citynet.speedtest.net

CityNet connects to PIT-IX via a 10Gbps uplink and peers with the route servers. CityNet links up with our Crown Castle extension switch which is sponsored by 3ROX/Pittsburgh Super-Computing Center.

Special thanks goes to Justin Hayhurst of CityNet for building out this connection and holding our current record for patience while dealing with cross-connection, fiber, and line-card issues!

For more information about CityNet’s products and services, please visit CityNet.net.

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